Dodoni-Feta Cheese In Brine Net Wt. 7.3 lbs 3.3 kg Drained Wt. 4.4 lbs 2 kg


پنیر فتا ددونی در آب نمک 4،4 پوند 2 کیلوگرم

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Feta is a kind of cheese. Usually it is made from the milk of sheep or goats. Feta cheese originally is from the Greek mainland or from Lesbos in the Aegean Sea.

Turkish version of Feta is called Beyaz Peynir.
Other cheese (which is usually not from Greece and is usually made from cow milk) must not be called Feta from 2007. The European Court said so in its decisions C-465/02 and C-466/02 (from October 25 2005).

This ruling is only valid for the European Union and other countries in Europe. Several member state of the WTO still think that the term FETA is generic. European Member states wanted to ddefend this protected designation of origin at the WTO talks in Doha.

Dodoni is a village and a municipality in the Ioannina regional unit Epirus Greece.
SKU: 643342215628

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