Divo-Blended Oil 90 Soybean Oil With 10 Olive Pomace Oil 128 Oz 3.78 Li


روغن سویا با روغن زیتون 128 اونسی 3،78 لیتری

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You ll find plenty of ways to use this 1 gallon soybean / olive oil blend! This blend features 90 soya oil and 10 olive oil. Its pleasant neutral flavor won t mask your finished product and the consistent quality makes it perfect for everyday use. This oil has a high smoke point and offers an inexpensive frying option for your commercial kitchen. You ll find excellent results when sauteing and you can even whisk it into salad dressings.

Whether you use it for cooking baking or making flavorful sauces this dependable soybean / olive oil blend is a great value for a variety of kitchen needs. Compared to other cooking oils soybean oil is low in saturated fats olive oil is heart-healthy and both oils are high in beneficial fatty acids. Stock your kitchen with this multi-purpose 1 gallon soybean / olive oil blend!
SKU: 079836300059

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