Di Buon Gusto-Extera Virgin Olive Oil 34 Fl Oz 1 L


روغن زیتون ایتالیایی گاستو 1 لیتر 34 اونس

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Direct from Italy brings to your table a fine olive oil with a fine aroma made from the cold-pressing of the finest olives. Oil is one of the most precious ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine and this extra-virgin olive oil is distinguished by its full flavor low acidity and deep greenish-gold color. Thanks to Mediterranean climactic conditions the fertility of the soil and the hand-picked selection of ripe and wholesome olives produce an olive oil that is easily digestible with a slightly fruity flavor. This olive oil is ideal for salad dressings and is suitable for all uses in the kitchen. Whether cooking is required or not it enriches food without covering its flavor. KosherPackedin Italy
SKU: 642583000031

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