Countryside Creamery-Sweet Cream Unsalted Butter 4 Sticks 16 oz 453 g


کره خامه ای شیرین بدون نمک 4 تایی کانتری ساید 16 اونس 453 گرم

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is Sweet Cream Unsalted Butter is a smooth creamy and delicious butter that comes with the perfect mix of salty and sweet. It s made with real ingredients like cream for rich flavor that is sure to enhance your cooking or baking. It is Real Seal certified and USDA officially graded AA. It is an all-purpose butter It is perfect for spreading on breads for topping veggies and pasta for baking or pan-frying and for using in a number of other recipes. Enjoy the deep sweet flavors and bring your foods to life every day with is Sweet Cream Unsalted Butter.
This products provide families with affordable high quality grocery and household consumable options.

-USDA offically graded AA
-Smooth creamy and delcious butter
-Ideal for baking and cooking
-Perfect spread for toast or topping for vegetables and more
-Trans fat-free and gluten-free

Always refer to packaging for the most up to date allergy information.

SKU: 4099100108866

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