Cortas-Rose Water 17 Fl Oz 500 ml


گلاب کورتاس 17 اونسی 500 میلی لیتر

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Rose water is a popular distillate among Persian people. Rose water has many beneficial properties. It helps soothe headaches and eliminate bad breath. And of course we cant forget that rose water is used in many sweets drinks and cookies!

Rose Water is a premium rose water from Lebanon that is excellent for cooking and baking. Rose water can also be used for skin care and cleansing.
Product of Lebanon Cortas Rose Water

Cortas Rose Water: Great for cooking Baking and also skin care

Rose flower water also marries well with most ricotta cheese desserts and Italian sponge cakes cookies and biscuits

Greaty for cooking Baking and also skin care
Add a splash of rosewater to a creamy tapioca or rice pudding and sprinkle with chopped pistachios to make a simple dessert elegant.

Cortas Orange Blossom Water: Distilled water with essential oils of the orange blossom.Adds citrus scent flavor to dishes desserts and fruits

SKU: 735143004300

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