Chef s Cupboard-Tomato Condensed Soup 10.75 Oz 304 Gr


سوپ غلیظ شده گوجه فرنگی 10،75 اونسی 304 گرمی

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Chefs Cupboard Tomato Condensed Soup is a Regular Buy meaning you can find it in stores all the time. It comes in a single 10.75-ounce can.

(Were guessing this is an instance of product shrinking and it isnt just Aldi our Campbells soup can is also 10.75 ounces.) The Aldi tomato soup costs 49 cents a can which is a lot less than the $1.79 or so that we regularly pay for Campbells soup when its not on sale (we rarely find it on sale for as low as $1 a can). Aldi doesnt sell the large cans of soup the way Campbells does but we wouldnt be surprised if the Aldi soup was a better deal even against those.

If youve made condensed soup out of a can before you know the drill. The instructions allow for either stove top or microwave preparation and the directions are identical to the Campbells soup cans we use.
SKU: 4099100003970

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