Boulder-Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil 50 Sq Ft


فوم آلومینیوم با دوام 50 فوت مربع

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When you re looking for new ways to streamline your cooking grilling or baking look no further than our Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. Comparable to more expensive brands this foil is tough enough to withstand the heat of your grill or oven. You can use it as an insulator to keep prepared food toasty or use it as a pan liner to make your after-dinner clean ups a breeze. You can also rely on this heavy-duty foil to grill your family s favorite veggies or even fruit! Maybe you re looking for an alternate way to safely store your leftovers too? Wrap them up in our aluminum foil prior to freezing or refrigeration. Each box includes locking ends and a sharp serrated cutting edge that makes it super simple to tear off a perfectly sized section. Plus the stay-closed tab keeps your foil box closed in storage. Discover all your new cooking grilling. or baking possibilities with our Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil 50 sq ft:
50 sq ft of heavy duty aluminum foil
Features a sharp cutting edge for easy tearing
Locking ends keeps the roll in place as you pull and tear
Great for grilling baking and cooking
Lines pans for easy clean up
Insulates food to help keep it warm while waiting to eat

Instructions: Stay closed tab **CAUTION: **Cutting edge is sharp. AVOID CONTACT. TO AVOID DAMAGE TO YOUR OVEN do not line your oven floor or any shelf with foil or allow foil to come in direct contact with the heating element. Do not use in microwave oven. **As with other consumer products do not let children use without supervision.
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