Best-50×2 gr Tea Bag Green Tea


چای کیسه ایی سبز بست 50 تا تی بگ 2 گرمی

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BEST TEA BAGS: These tea bags are perfect hot or iced. Drink hot as a substitute for your morning coffee or brew ice for a refreshing afternoon beverage for the tea drinker on the go.

GRAB A QUICK CUP: When life is too hectic for a leisurely cup of loose leaf tea we offer this line of tea bag products for the same delicious flavor conveniently packaged in individual tea bags.

TRY THEM ALL: We make a wide variety of delicious tea blends with chamomile matcha oolong mint peach hibiscus more. You can enjoy them as loose leaf teas tea bags bottled teas powders.

Green tea is a gift nature has given to us to share with others. Our premium quality teas always deliver good taste unmatched health properties from the ground up.

SKU: 4796002515647

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