Baker s Corner-Baking Soda 16 Oz 1 Lb 454 Gr


جوش شیرین بیکر کورنرز 16 اونسی 454 گرمی

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Baking Soda is used for baking household cleaning deodorizing. It scrubs away soils and grease absorbs and eliminates odors on contact. Baking soda is also used for leavening bread and a common ingredient in cakes cookies and pastries.

Baking Soda is an amazingly versatile product. It s great in the kitchen for all of your delicious cakes cookies and other baked goodies. And it s also tremendously useful all around the house. Substitute baking soda for your usual scouring powder to avoid suds and scratches. Sprinkle it on a sponge to effectively clean countertops appliances tile and more. Place a new open box in your fridge every 2 months or so to absorb unwanted food aromas. After the 2 months are up you can flush the used baking soda down your drain to eliminate any odors there as well. Brush your teeth with it occasionally to whiten your teeth and refresh your whole mouth. It can even neutralize and control odors from litter boxes by sprinkling a layer at the bottom of the box before adding the litter. This eliminates nasty pet odors and also extends the life of your litter. To be sure Great Value Baking Soda is not just for cookies anymore.

Used in many cake and cookie recipes
Eliminates odors in refrigerators
1lb box
Versatile cooking and cleaning ingredient

Instructions: Directions: **Household cleaner: Baking soda handles anything you do with scouring powder but without suds or scratches. Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge or cloth to clean countertops appliances metal cabinets and tile. **Refrigerator freshener: Baking soda absorbs unpleasant food odors and keeps refrigerators fresh and clean. Remove top of box and place open package on refrigerator shelf. Replace every 2 months. Flush used baking soda down sink to sweeten drains. **Baking specialties: Baking soda is used in many cake and cookie recipes. See your favorite cookbook for many uses in extra special desserts. **For brushing teeth: Use occasionally on a wet toothbrush to whiten teeth and refresh your mouth. **Prevent litter box odors: Spread contents of package evenly over bottom of litter box. Cover with 2 or 3 inches of cat litter. Baking soda absorbs odors and extends useful life of litter.

SKU: 041498127824

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