Baker s Corner-Active Dry Yeast 3×0.25 Oz


مخمر خشک فعال آرد بیکرزکورنر 3 تا 7 گرمی 0،75 اونسی

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HIGHLY STABLE AND RELIABLE. Active Dry yeast to add to your favorite bread recipes
3 packets of .25 ounce Active Dry Yeast
Dissolve in warm liquid (100 degrees – 110 degrees F) then follow your recipe
Gluten Free
Not recommended for recipes that call for instant or RapidRise Yeast

Active Dry yeast in your baking routine. Known for being highly stable and reliable Active Dry Yeast is a great addition to your favorite breads. Dissolve in warm liquid and follow your recipe.

The directions are simple: knead shape and bake. It is gluten free and sure to satisfy. Baking with it is an enjoyable experience that delivers reliable results every time.
SKU: 4099100102666

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