Apricot Natural Sun Dried Turkish 1 Lb 454 Gr


برگه زردآلو ترکیه طبیعی 1پوندی 454گرمی

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Fresh figs can last more than two weeks before they spoil but dried figs are available year-round and have a longer lifespan than fresh figs.
Dried figs contain many important nutrients in high concentrations and the most important of these substances are: proteins carbohydrates calcium vitamin K potassium iron and magnesium.

Dried figs are especially rich in dietary fiber. Each half a cup of dried figs (roughly 9 dried figs) contains less than 200 calories.
Dried figs are completely fat-free and rich in essential and important antioxidants for improving health.
Dried figs contain high levels of vitamin E vitamin C and calcium which are important nutrients.
Due to its high levels of potassium one of the benefits of dried figs is that it helps reduce high blood pressure.
The potassium in dried figs helps expand blood vessels and increase their elasticity.

SKU: 090048474

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