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Aloevine-Aloe LISTO PARA BEBER 16.9 FL OZ 500 ML


نوشیدنی آلوورا الووین 16،9 اونس 500 میلی لیتر

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World #1 Selling Aloe Drink containing 20 Aloe Chunks OKF Farmers Aloe Drink Mango 16.9 Fl Oz

Fill yourself with tasty chewy and healthy Aloe Drink! Introducing World No. 1 Aloe Juice! Enjoy OKF Drink!Contains 20 Aloe No Fat Non GMO

5 Flavores: Why chose one when you can have a chance to taste each Delicious flavor Juice. This Variety pack is best to keep your taste changing from Monday to Sunday and keep you hydrated. Also you can put a variety of juices for your loved ones to choose according to their mood.

Premium Quality: Not only does our aloe Vera juice drinks taste good but they are also good for your health OKF Five Flavor aloe Vera juices are made with 100 Pure Sustainably cultivated ingredients. We at OKF do not compromise on the quality of our Aloe Vera Juice. We are here not just to sell; we are here to provide the best quality Aloe Vera Drinks in the market so grab the pack and enjoy.

Healthy Benefits: Aloe Vera juice is said to help maintain healthy digestion and can also help regulate blood sugar reduce inflammation reduce acne eruptions as well as many other health benefits and is a good addition for those who are conscious of an alkaline diet. OKF aloe Vera juice is light refreshing and can help ease digestive ailments as well as provide other health benefits.

Exclusive Taste: Your Health is our top priority that is why our Aloe Vera drinks are sweetened with only a touch of pure sugar cane and naturally flavored with other natural flavors for a unique taste. Each Aloe Vera drink is fat free low sodium vegan gluten free and free from artificial colors to ensure a refreshing and true taste a perfect addition to your healthy diet.

Perfect to Drink: Our OKF Aloe Vera Juice pack is Perfect to have at any time anywhere. You can have our Juice pack in your kid’s birthday party or on your weekend plans. You can take this juice at the field or just enjoy our amazing juices on the way.

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