Al Khair-Natural Honey 100 Pure 17 Oz 500 Gr


عسل طبیعی 100 خالص 17 اونسی 500 گرمی

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In general pure natural honey sometimes referred to as raw or regular honey is any honey that has been taken directly from a beehive and packaged with little processing. Pure natural honey can not contain any added coloring or synthetic ingredients such as corn or cane sugar antibiotics fed to bees in the offseason or chemicals used to treat the hives. Once it has been extracted from a bee hive all honey will sometimes be strained with a fine mesh bag in order to remove impurities.

100 pure 100 natural
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Grade: A
Shelf Life: 2 years
Brix ( ): 82
Additives: none
SKU: 894545000638

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