Abali-Yogurt Soda – Original Flavor Pack 4x473ml 16 Fl Oz


دوغ آبعلی با طعم اصلی پک 4 عددی 16 اونسی

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Abali yogurt soda and mint flavor.
Excellent source of calcium protein and potassium.

Doogh is a carbonated drink made of yogurt with a consistency similar to whole milk. It is usually salty and sometimes is flavored with pepper and dried mint. It is generally served chilled or over ice.
Doogh is popular in Iran Afghanistan Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is mostly served with different types of Kebab.


Net Weight: 16 fl oz (Each Bottle)
Ingredients: Milk Carbonated Water Yogurt Culture Salt Mint Extract.Product of USA

SKU: 040087001118

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