Zarrin-Cucumber Cornichons 92-110 In Can 101.4 Oz 3 Kg


کنسرو ترشی خیارشور ساندویچی ریز و پر تعداد نمره 92_110 زرین 101 اونسی 3 کیلو گرمی

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92-100 Cucumbers per Can (Small Size Pickles)
Great Tasting Pickled Cucumbers
Product of USA. Pickled Cucumbers Cornichons.
Refrigerate After Opening. Serving Size/Portion 1 Oz. (28g) Servings Per Container/Portions 62.

Ingredients: Cucumbers Water Salt Vinegar Dill Garlic Pepper Acetic Acid Spices.Zarrin Pickled Cucumbers Cornichons 101.4 Oz.

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