Sogol-Mixed Dried Vegetable For Rice 5 Oz 140 Gr Halal


سبزی پلویی خشک سوگل 5 اونسی 140 گرمی

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Sabzi Polo is one of the most delicious popular and popular Iranian dishes that is cooked especially in winter and during the Iranian New Year. This delicious and authentic Iranian dish includes very useful vegetables such as leeks parsley dill coriander a little fenugreek and some fresh garlic .

The combination of these vegetables together creates a unique taste that can be found only in Iran and surrounding countries and among Persian speakers.

Vegetable pilaf can be eaten both fresh and dried and there is not much difference between the two types their taste and properties but certainly preparing dried pilaf vegetables is much easier and less hassle.

By buying dried pilaf vegetables from my vegetables online you will have this delicious and nutritious vegetable available in beautiful and high quality packaging.
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