Sadaf-Turmeric Powder 10 lb 4.5 kg big pack


زردچوبه صدف (کیسه بزرگ رستورانی) 10پوندی 4،5 کیلوگرم

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sadaf Turmeric Powder

-Turmeric is used in the Asian & Middle Eastern cuisine to spice meat particularly lamb and vegetables.
-It has a smokey earthy taste and provides the associated yellow color.
-Turmeric is a true natural healer rich in dietary fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B6

experience with hearty flavor, bold taste and vibrant aroma
AWESOME for Indian, Moroccan, Asian cuisine such as rice, beans, soups, tea, meat, veggies, and other savory dishes too, giving flavor and color

Kosher: RCC
Packed in USA

SKU: 052851146017

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