Sadaf-Seasoning, Ground Meat Kabob 2.5 Oz 71 Gr


ادویه کباب کوبیده صدف 2،5 اونس 71 گرم

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Ground Meat Kabob

Nothing quite captures the Meat Kabob experience like our Seasoning. The robust flavor of hickory merges perfectly with salty and sweet, making it a prime choice for chicken, and beef.

The versatility of this seasoning is what truly makes it great. Apply it as a rub to your favorite protein, use as the secret ingredient in your marinade, or sprinkle on vegetables. While this Seasoning has no problem standing on its own, pair it with your go-to barbecue sauce for a full and complete flavor.

Ground Meat Kabob Seasoning Ground Meat Kabob Seasoning blend is ideal for any ground meat beef lamb and veal.

Kosher: RCC
Packaged in USA
Pet Bottle With Shaker Top
SKU: 052851716128

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