Sadaf-Poppy Seed 6 Oz 170 Gr


خشخاش صدف 6 اونسی 170 گرمی

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Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds is used on breads and rolls or added to vegetables and salad dressings. Middle Eastern cuisine use Poppy Seeds for flavor and texture.

-Poppy Seed adds nutty flavor and subtle crunch
-Our carefully sourced poppy seed is certified Organic and non GMO
-Great for baking recipes: rolls, bagels, pastries, cookies, muffins & cakes
-Whisk into dressings for fruit salad or coleslaw
-Toss with noodles or vegetables

Kosher: RCC
Packaged in USA
PET Bottle With Shaker Top
SKU: 052851813506

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