Sadaf-Ginger Ground 2 Oz 57 Gr


پودر زنجبیل صدف 2 اونس 57 گرم

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ginger. Ginger Ground is the way to go for quick and easy ginger flavor in your dinners and desserts.

Ginger has a long history, and its spicy flavor and rich, warm aroma make it one of the world’s most popular spices.

Some might just think ginger snaps when they hear the word, or the slivers of it that are served with sushi, but ginger is so much more than that!

Ginger ground is used in biscuits, cakes, sauces, soups, ice cream, fruit salads and for flavoring in meat and poultry dishes. Go ahead and give ginger a try. Experiment with this sensational spice!

Ginger powder is predominantly used in baking gingerbreads, biscuits, cakes, sauces, ice-cream, fruit salads and flavoring some meat and poultry dishes.

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SKU: 052851112562

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