Sadaf-Fennel Seed 5 Oz 142 Gr


رازیانه صدف 5 اونس 142 گرم

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Fennel Whole

To be honest, Fennel Seed Whole really isn’t a seed. It looks like a seed. People call it a seed, but it’s actually the fruit of the fennel plant, which is an herb. Whole Fennel Seed is imported from India and is an aromatic herb of the familyApiaceae. Its taste is suggestive of anise, but they shouldn’t be substituted for each other. There are many uses for Fennel Seed Whole in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine especially. The popular fennel flavor is also available in fennel seed cracked, fennel seed ground and fennel seed apothecary oil.

Kosher: RCC
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PET Bottle With Shaker Top
SKU: 052851812059

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