Sadaf-Black Beans 24 Oz 680 Gr


لوبیا سیاه صدف 24 اونس 680 گرم

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Black Beans

Please Note:This is a raw agricultural product of the best grade obtainable.

After harvesting it mechanically cleaned with modern equipment but may still contain some weather damaged product stones or other foreign material. We suggest you inspect the contents of this Ingredients

Black Beans Allergen: Packed on shared equipment with wheat tree nuts soy and sesame.

PANTRY STAPLE: A staple in virtually all Latin Cuisines, black beans are delicious in salads, soups, purees, and stews, whether vegetarian or seasoned with meat.

especially when their rich, dark color is paired with yellow Rice

LESS SODIUM: Dry beans contains less sodium than canned beans they are also cost-effective and easy to store

ENHANCES YOUR DISHES: With a dense and meaty texture, sadaf black beans are perfect for adding to chili, rice, vegetarian dishes, and many Latin American and Cajun dishes

Kosher: RCC Product of USA
SKU: 052851140022

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