Patak s-Hot Mango Pickle 10 Oz 283 Gr


پاتکس طعم دهنده غذا هندی انبه بسیار تند با طعم پودر فلفل قرمز 10 اونسی 283 گرم

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Long time ago Relish was originated from the culture of India. Relish has chopped cooked or pickled vegetables or fruits which are preserved in Oil and spices. It is the most commonly used food in Pakistan and India. The taste of Relish varies from the type of spices and vegetables or fruits used in making relish. A normal Mango Relish may have fruity and sweet taste but when some extra species are added in it it becomes Hot and spicy Relish.

Pataks Hot Mango Relish:
Pataks Hot Mango Relish has delicious taste of Mangoes with extra species which makes it hot fruity and chunky Relish. Mango Relish has natural ingredients with original Indian Taste of Relish. It has no artificial ingredient in it and are spices in it are authenticated spices.

Pataks Foods is UKs most popular and most selling food products brand. It is also very popular in America Canada France and Japan. Pataks Foods claims that all of its products have natural and authenticated apices based on the culture and history of Indian Cuisine. It also claims that its products will give you original Indian Taste.

Uses of Pataks Hot Mango Relish:
Pataks Hot Mango Relish can be used with Indian Bread. It can be used with meat or vegetables in different dishes to add some hot mango flavor to it.

RECIPE: Vegetarian Couscous Mango Relish Wraps:

Serving size: 6
Heat level: Extra Hot

1 cups prepared plain couscous
1 (11 Oz) can mandarin oranges drained
2 tbsp. Pataks Hot Mango Relish or to taste.
cup silvered almonds toasted
cup thinly sliced red onion
3 tbsps. raisins
cup mayonnaise
6 (10 in.) flour tortillas

Prepare couscous as package directs.
In a medium bowl combine couscous oranges onion mayonnaise relish almonds and raisins.
Evenly divide couscous mixture among tortillas. Roll-up and serve. Keep mixture chilled.
Ingredients: Mangoes Canola Oil Salt Chile Powder Mustard Fenugreek Spices Acetic Acid Turmeric.

Note: This product is Gluten Free but may contains the traces of Peanut Tree Nuts

Manufactured By: Patak Food s Ltd

Country Of Origin: Product of United Kingdom

Product Weight: 10 OZ (283 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool Dry Place

Package: Glass Jar

SKU: 069276012001

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