Kcb-Bakar Khani Sweet 10 Oz 283 Gr Halal


شیرینی خشک حلال 10 اونسی 283 گرمی 10تایی قلبی

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This textured biscuit-like flatbread is thick and rich with spiced sweet notes. This luxuriously layered bread comes garnished with pinches of nutty earthy flavor thanks to a complex mixture of cardamom semolina molasses saffron and ghee. A staple of traditional Bangladeshi cuisine Bakarkhani goes perfectly with a nice soaking in crème or milk just like you would any cereal. This ready-made treat by Kashmir Crown Baking boasts at-home oven baked quality without all the mess and prep. Enjoy it by itself in all its flaky goodness or dip and dunk in your favorite coffee or tea. Each package is sealed for freshness and convenience!

Weight: 10 oz (283 g)

Product of USA

Allergens: Contains Wheat Milk and is made in a facility that process peanuts tree nuts soy dairy sesame seeds and wheat ingredients.
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