Fantastique-Raw Cane Sugars Turbinado 2.5 Lb 1135 Gr Brown


شکر قهوه ایی عصاره نیشکر 1135 گرمی

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REAL BROWN SUGAR: An excellent alternative to white sugar and refined brown sugar!
ORGANIC SUGAR: Use it in your favorite beverages and recipes!
1:1 SUGAR REPLACEMENT RATIO: Can be used as a 1:1 replacement for white sugar.
Non-GMO Project Verified;Terracycle;USDA Organic

Organic Sugar – 2.5 lbs. (1134 g) With brown sugar there s a bit of deception going on these days. Don t be fooled! Most natural brown sugar products are created by adding molasses to fully-refined sugar.It is created from a partially-refined sugar cane extract that s a healthier alternative to white (and refined brown) table sugars.Always Natural.
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