Eastern Feast-Onion Fried Crispy Halal 14.11 Oz 400 Gr


پیاز سرخ شده آماده 400 گرمی 14 اونس

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‘-PREMIUM QUALITY AND UNIQUE TASTE– Our unique and delicious Fresh crispy fried onions come in 400 grams packing. This crispy onions add a burst of flavor crunchy topping to salads wraps casseroles burgers and more.

-GREAT USE ON VARIETY DISHES-Great use on a variety dishes. Our Fresh Crispy Fried Onions add a burst of flavor crunchy topping to salads soups wraps casseroles mashed potatoes burgers and more.Our delicious crispy onions add a finishing touch to your burgers salads and more.

-SUPER CLEAN CONVENIENT AND SAFE STORAGE -Made from fresh and real Red Organic Onions that have the flavor and crunch you’ll love. Naturally crispy without any external additives or artificial flavors added. The brand aims to carry on his vision of benefiting the consumers providing them with food products that become a blessing true to the meaning of Halal Food

-EASY TO USE AT HOME AND RESTURENTS -For maximum freshness refrigerate after opening. Onions are naturally sweet and as caramel comes from the simple cooking of sugar when you slowly cook onions over an extended period the natural sugars in the onions caramelize making the result intensely and wonderfully flavorful.

-GLUTEN-FREE FRENCH FRIED ONIONS-100 Organic Non-GMO Kosher Halal NO starch or flour added. These crunchy and flavorful gluten-free French fried onions are so easy to prepare they are great to add to your green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. They are oven baked instead of deep fried and they taste better than store-bought fried onions!
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