Cortas-Rte Lentil Rice With Sauteed Onions Cumin 12 Oz 350 Gr 340 Ml


غذای آماده خوردن با ظرف برنج، عدس، زیره و پیاز در کاسه 12 اونسی 350 گرمی کرتاس تولید اسپانیا

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Lentil Rice with Sauteed Onions and Cumin Ready to Eat Meals
Healthy meals with All natural ingredients No preservatives or additives Vegan Gluten-free
Enjoyed cold or hot Convenient at home or on-the-go bowl Microwave safe
Authentic Lebanese Recipe Made in Spain

Variety Pack of Four RTE Healthy Meals:
1) Lentil rice with sauteed onions and cumin
2) Eggplant with chickpeas in a rich tomato sauce
3) Green beans in olive oil with garlic and tomatoes
4) Bulgur wheat with tomatoes and onions

Ready-to-Eat Healthy Authentic Lebanese Recipe meals with All natural ingredients.

-No preservatives or additives
-Gluten-free (excluding Burgul Wheat)
-Packaged in a protective atmosphere
-Does not require refrigeration
-Enjoyed cold or hot
-Convenient at home or on-the-go bowl
-Microwave safe
-Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Cortas – Ready to Eat Lebanese Recipe Meals (4 in 1 PACK) Variety Mix
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