Cortas-Orange Blossom Water 17 Fl Oz 500 Ml


عرق شکوفه بهارنارنج کرتاس 500 میلی

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Cortas Orange Blossom Water: Distilled water with essential oils of the orange blossom.Adds citrus scent flavor to dishes desserts and fruits.

A unique unforgettable flavor Orange Blossom Water available in 300ml – 10 FL oz 500ml – 17 FL oz and 20L – 676 FL oz sizes. Made from pure orange blossom distillate.

White Lebanese coffee: For a caffeine-free aromatic hot drink simply add five tablespoons of Cortas Orange Blossom Water and three tablespoons of sugar to two cups of hot water.

Add a drop or two of blossom water for the simplest of refreshing drinks.

To be used as an ingredient to give sweet and savoury dishes a heavenly scent and floral taste in the mouth. Excellent with yogurt or ice cream mixes.
Can be used in a variety of ways like toning skin soothing sunburns and settling upset stomachs; vegan gluten free and preservatives free

With more than 80 years of experience Cortas aims to bring the finest quality Lebanese products to every corner of the world. Product design and development at Cortas follow established procedures designed to ensure optimum results and highest customer satisfaction rates.

SKU: 735143004355

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