Ahmad-Tea Slim Natural Benefits 20 Bags


چای کیسه ایی برگ نازک و لیمو احمد 20 عددی

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Feel lighter and manage your weight with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Slim.The combination of mate matcha and green tea makes this tea the perfect choice for staying healthy and hydrated while working to achieve your goals This bright and balanced tea stimulates and revives. Grassy green tea nettle South American mate and zinc contribute to weight management while spearmint lemon balm and matcha adds light vibrant flavor Box contains 20 foil-sealed teabags to save freshness. Ingredients: Green tea spearmint nettle leaves green mate leaves blackberry leaves peppermint lemon balm zinc gluconate matcha granules lemon peel Find true health and feel your best with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Slim. Natural Benefits all-natural infusions and green teas are expertly blended with the finest botanicals and natural ingredients to help you achieve the perfect balance Allergen information: squid_free Look and feel your best with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Slim. This natural tea can help you lose weight and keep it off. All-naturally infused with green tea the finest botanicals and all-natural ingredients Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Slim is the perfect drink for your diet. Manage your weight with mate matcha spearmint lemon balm and zinc.

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